Voxco Overview

With over 25 years of experience, Voxco is a leader in the field of data collection technologies. Voxco’s solutions include a full suite of survey tools (CATI, CAPI, Web, Mobile), that can be used individually or as part of a true multi-channel platform. The powerful functionality of Voxco products makes them ideally suited for complex studies and the sophisticated sampling often associated with the types of projects run by academic survey research organizations.  At the same time, an intuitive user interface, integrated reporting, centralized database keeps Voxco’s products easy to use.

Voxco’s services, support and training teams are well versed in the needs of research organizations, whether large or small, who work within a University/academic environment.  Our academic clients often rely on Voxco as an extension of their own resources to help optimize their survey operations.

Voxco solutions for academic survey research organizations

At Voxco’s core are its technology solutions that can be used alone or as part of a multi-channel platform:

  • Multi-Mode Platform
  • CATI
  • Preview-Power-Predictive-Hybrid dialing/Recording/Monitoring
  • Web Surveys
  • In-app surveys
  • Mobile & Tablet surveys
  • CAPI
  • IVR

Voxco’s Professional & Training Services include a team of experts in call center technology and optimization, web programming and design, mobile research, as well as other functions.  Training support is available for all Voxco products and can be given either virtual or on client site.

AASRO members already using Voxco

In addition to many other academic organizations who rely on Voxco’s technology solutions and expertise, we are proud to count the following AASRO members among our valued clients:

  • Penn State
  • Washington State University
  • University Nebraska Lincoln
  • University of Waterloo
  • Baruch College
  • Goucher College
  • Marist College
  • Old Dominion University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Cornell University

Special discount for AASRO Members

Voxco is pleased to support AASRO through a special pricing plan developed for AASRO members.  Voxco’s solutions and services are available to member organizations at the following discounts:

  • Voxco software:  25% discount
  • Voxco hardware:  15% discount
  • Voxco services:  20% discount
  • First time free maintenance and set up support (please see below)

PLUS Initial set-up support: For academic survey research centers, technology changes and advancement can yield important productivity improvements.  Voxco recognizes that, nonetheless, the actual step of integrating new technologies can be demanding on survey organizations, especially when multiple projects are in progress.   Voxco has extensive technical, professional, consulting and training services available to help in the quick and smooth transition to its technology solutions.

To further support AASRO members who are just getting started with Voxco’s products, Voxco will waive first year maintenance fees and provide 3 days of services at no charge to members with their initial purchase.  Depending on their own needs, members can choose to use the service support in the following areas: advanced training, technology consulting, or programming/scripting.

(Offer valid until December 31, 2016. Certain conditions may apply).


To find out more about how Voxco solutions could help your research center, please contact Vincent Auger at:

Vincent AUGER

VP Sales | VP Ventes
T: +1 514 861-9255 (120) | M: +1 514 616-5978