Register now for next AASRO Grand Rounds – Tuesday 10/23/18

//Register now for next AASRO Grand Rounds – Tuesday 10/23/18

Register now for next AASRO Grand Rounds – Tuesday 10/23/18

“Panel Management and Multimode Survey Deployment”

10/23/18 from 11-12 ET, noon – 1pm CT

The recent growth of local, state and national panels has led to an increased need for software that addresses database management, data merging, data integrity, multi-mode survey deployment and panel member management. There are several panel management tools that exist but finding one that streamlines multi-mode survey deployment, data collection and para-data tracking can be difficult to find. As they say, you can only have two of the following three things; fast, cheap, high-quality. Temple University’s Institute for Survey Research completed an exhaustive review of commercial panel management tools with the goal of comparing price, features and ease of use. We created a pros and cons resource list for survey researchers looking to build and manage panels.  In the end, Temple ISR decided to design and implement a new panel management platform to run BeHeardPhilly which deploys surveys by web, phone, and SMS. The platform is a state of the art, turn-key Software as a Service that supports the creation and maintenance of longitudinal survey panels. It serves as a centralized information hub that contains all data on panel members and the surveys they take. Its plug and play capabilities turn the platform, into a multi-mode data collection tool providing seamless integration with different data collection channels like Web, SMS, Phone, and Mobile-app. This webinar will introduce survey researchers to a new platform while comparing existing software on the market.