AASRO Director's Meetings

For several years, directors of academic survey centers met casually at the annual conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) during the AAPOR annual conference. During the meeting in 2006, it was agreed that the academic survey center directors would benefit from a more formal organization and to hold a meeting apart from AAPOR. In addition to its lunch gatherings each year at AAPOR, AASRO has also been holding annual meetings since February, 2007. Below, we provide information regarding those meetings.


University of Illinois at Chicago

To be hosted by the Survey Research Laboratory (Director: Tim Johnson)

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AAPOR Annual Conference (Boston, Massachusetts) - May 18, 2013

The annual AASRO member luncheon at the AAPOR Conference was highlighted by a presentation from AAPOR Vice President Michael Link, who spoke about "How Emerging Technologies are Changing the Game in Academic Survey Organizations."  Click [here] for his presentation.

AASRO ANNUAL MEETING – February 28-March 2, 2013
University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire

AASRO's 7th Annual Director's Meeting was held in the Holloway Commons Building on the beautiful University of New Hampshire campus in Durham (Survey Center Director Andrew Smith). In addition to a rich meeting (Click here for the [Meeting Agenda]), attendees were treated to a UNH ice hockey game. The President's Report was given by outgoing AASRO President Larry Hembroff (click here for the report) along with a summary of AASRO activities for 2012-13 that was published in the University of Illinois at Chicago's Survey Research Newsletter (click here for the summary). To read a summary of the meeting click [here]. Several presentations from the conference are available here: Address Based Sampling, Adopting a Framework for Organizational Management, Overcoming Business Challenges, and Adopting a Framework for Project ManagementPlease also take a moment and enjoy some photographs from the meeting here: Kennedy Award, Gavel Passing, AASRO Presidents, Program Chair Andrew Smith, Group Photo, Dinner1, Dinner2, John Stevenson1, John Stevenson2.

AAPOR Annual Conference (Orlando, Florida) - May 19, 2012

AASRO members gathered during AAPOR’s 67th Annual Conference to hear a presentation by guest speaker Gary Langer.  Click here for his presentation.

AASRO ANNUAL MEETING – March 1-3, 2012
University of Georgia Athens, Georgia

The Georgia Survey Research Center at the University of Georgia (Director Jim Bason) hosted the 2012 AASRO Director’s meeting in Athens, Georgia. Click here for the Meeting Agenda. To read a summary of the meeting click here.

AAPOR Annual Conference (Phoenix, Arizona) - May 14, 2011

AAPOR's 66th Annual Conference served as the backdrop for AASRO's annual meeting with guest speaker Dr. Robert M. Groves, Director of the Census Bureau.

AASRO ANNUAL MEETING - March 3-5, 2011
Washington State University Pullman, Washington

The Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University (Director John Tarnai) hosted the 2011 AASRO Director’s meeting on the Washington State University Campus in Pullman, Washington. Click here for the Meeting Agenda. To read a summary of the meeting click here.

AASRO ANNUAL MEETING - February 25-27, 2010
Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana

The Indiana University Center for Survey Research (Director John Kennedy) hosted the 2010 AASRO Directors meeting. The meetings were convened in the Indiana Memorial Union. Click here for the Meeting Agenda. To read a summary of the meeting click here.

AASRO ANNUAL MEETING - February 26-28, 2009
University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina

The University of South Carolina (USC) Institute of Public Service and Policy Research (Robert Oldendick, Executive Director) hosted the 2009 AASRO Directors' meeting. The meetings were convened in The Inn at USC. A panel of USC administrators advised the audience on economic conditions facing universities and government agencies and their effect on research centers.  Click here for the Meeting Agenda. To read a summary of the meeting click here.

University of California Berkeley Berkeley, California

The University of California at Berkeley's Survey Research Center (Robert Lee, Director of Survey Operations) hosted the 2008 AASRO Directors' meeting in the Hotel Durant in Berkeley. The meetings began on Thursday afternoon with a panel discussion on the future of survey research. The main purpose of the 2008 meeting was to define the mission of AASRO. The Declaration of Interdependence was signed by all directors attending.  Click here for the Meeting Agenda. To read a summary of the meeting click here.

OUR FIRST ANNUAL MEETING - February 15-17, 2007
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan Survey Research Center (Robert Groves, Director) hosted the first meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Institute of Social Research in February 2007.  Click here for the Meeting Agenda and meeting summary. To see a photo of participants at that first meeting, click here.