Indiana's John Kennedy honored with AASRO’s first achievement award

John M. Kennedy, emeritus senior researcher and former long-time Director of the Indiana University Center for Survey Research, received the first ever Achievement Award from the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO). The award will henceforth be known as the John M. Kennedy Achievement Award and acknowledges Kennedy’s decades of service toward supporting academic survey research.

Kennedy directed the IU Center for Survey Research for 25 years, from 1987 to early 2012. The CSR provides survey services to university faculty, government agencies, media, and nonprofit organizations. Under Kennedy’s leadership, the center helped to launch the widely cited National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), an Internet and postal survey of college and university undergraduates at more than 750 U.S. and Canadian schools. NSSE, which began in 1999, now covers a sample of more than 2 million students. The CSR also carries out the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, in which more than 80 law schools participate.The AASRO award also honors Kennedy’s contributions to the broader community of academic survey centers. In 1995, Kennedy organized the first of a long series of annual, informal meetings of academic survey directors, which eventually led to the creation of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations. Today, AASRO is an association of over 60 academic survey research organizations, representing survey organizations from both private and public universities across the United States and Canada. AASRO’s mission is to support and promote excellence in survey research conducted in academic settings. Since the organization formed in 2008, Kennedy served on the steering committee and then in a presidency role on the first executive committee.

In 2008, Kennedy also served as the first editor of the online journal Survey Practice, which provides practical information that supports the production of surveys, the application and outcomes of survey methods research, and documents the changing conditions that impact survey quality and survey organizations. Under Kennedy’s guidance, Survey Practice has become a go-to resource for survey practitioners.

“John’s tireless service to the research survey profession is outstanding,” says Thomas Guterbock, chair of the AASRO Achievement Award committee and past president of AASRO. “Few people can claim to have made such important contributions to our field in such a variety of ways. We are so pleased to honor John as the first recipient of the AASRO Achievement Award.”

Citing “the lasting impact that John leaves on the academic survey research community and AASRO,” Yasamin Miller, current AASRO president, announced that “the AASRO Achievement Award will henceforth be named the John M. Kennedy Achievement Award.”

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