Who We Are and Our Mission

In March, 2008, the leaders of over forty academic survey research organizations agreed to join  together to form a new association of organizations, the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations [AASRO].  Their vision was that AASRO would grow to be recognized as a leading voice in support and promotion of excellence in survey research conducted in academic settings. In May, 2008 AASRO became a formal organization with the mission of facilitating mutual support among member organizations in the following ways:
  • Promote excellence and integrity in the conduct of survey research;
  • Help academic survey centers advance the research, educational and service goals of their respective colleges and universities by providing both formal and informal education and training for effective organization and administration of academic survey research organizations;
  • Ensure the ability of academic survey centers to educate the next generation of survey researchers by advancing the educational and research role of survey research organizations across diverse university structures;
  • Advance society and the social and behavioral sciences by promoting the values of academic survey research: methodological innovation, scientifically-grounded data collection practices and public dissemination of important survey research results.


AASRO Supports Efforts to Educate Legislators about the Importance of Funding for Federal Statistical Agencies

In partnership with the American Statistical Association and a number of other major professional organizations and associations, AASRO has expressed support for the funding of US federal statistical agencies by signing onto letters to Congressional representatives. Please see the links below for recent letters:




Please Nominate Outstanding Colleagues for the John M. Kennedy Achievement Award and John Tarnai Memorial Scholarship

The Association Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO) is soliciting nominations for the John M. Kennedy Achievement Award and the John Tarnai Memorial Scholarship.  The deadline for nominations for both awards is December 15, 2013. Brief descriptions of these awards are below; full descriptions and nomination forms can be found at: http://www.aasro.org/news. Completed nomination forms can be sent to the Chair of the AASRO Awards Committee, Shirley Huck, at shuck@iastate.edu.

The JOHN M. KENNEDY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD honors AASRO member directors, leaders, field leaders, AASRO advocates, academic survey organization professionals, innovators, translational social behavioral scientists, or any other individuals, groups, or organizations with distinguished accomplishments that meet one of more of the following criteria:

  • meritorious service or help to AASRO or to its member organizations;
  • accomplished leadership in public opinion research that promotes the value of survey research, enhances public understanding of survey research, fosters advances in survey research methods as a science, improves delivery of survey services, or otherwise promotes quality in survey and public opinion data collection;
  • advancement or innovation in developing or improving the capabilities of an academic survey research organization (for example, improving client interactions, respondent experience, project management, staff training, quality of survey data collection, fiscal or personnel management); or
  • promoting or improving the understanding, within their own institutions, of survey research conducted by academic survey research organizations.

The JOHN TARNAI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will provide an up-and-coming staff member of an academic survey organization with $450 to help cover expenses associated with attending the annual meetings of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and/or the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&FTC). Nominations will be accepted from directors of academic survey organizations.  The nominee should be early in their career, be pursuing a long-term career in survey work, and demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

·         commitment to producing quality survey data and related work products;

·         commitment to learning and implementing best research practices;

·         commitment to advancing knowledge about best research practices;

·         commitment to sharing and disseminating knowledge within and/or outside the survey organization; or

·         commitment to advancing the goals, mission, stability, and longevity of the survey organization.

Go to http://www.aasro.org/news for full award descriptions and nomination forms.

Please Nominate One of Your Excellent Peers to Serve on the AASRO Executive Committee

It's time once again to start thinking about election of officers for AASRO. There are two positions to fill this year.  At the Directors Meeting in March, 2014, current Vice President/President-Elect Susan Willis-Walton (Va. Tech) will become our new President and current President Danna Moore (Wash. State) will become Past President.  That will leave a vacancy in the position of Vice President/President-Elect (a three-year commitment to serve on the Executive Committee).

Additionally, there is a vacancy as Treasurer.  This is a two-year position on the Executive Committee.  As you may know, Stephanie Kane (Univ. Idaho) has been our treasurer for nearly the past two years but recently took a new job at a different university and had to step down.  The Executive Committee has appointed Bistra Anatchkova (Univ. Wyoming) to fill the remainder of Stephanie’s term and expects that she will be nominated for the full two year term in 2014.  However, members are free to nominate others also if they so desire.

Balloting for the election will begin in January.  The newly elected officers will begin their terms starting at the annual meetings in March 2014.  Duties of these officers are spelled out in our By-Laws, and include attendance at monthly EC conference calls to conduct AASRO's business.

If you would like to nominate someone for one of these offices, or would like to nominate yourself, please send an email to Larry Hembroff, Chair of the Nominations Committee, at Larry.Hembroff@ssc.msu.edu. We would like to receive all nominations by Wednesday, December 11.

We look forward to hearing your ideas on who would be best to lead AASRO for the next few years. We will, of course, treat all nominations and all discussion of possible nominees under strict confidence within the Nominations Committee and the Executive Committee.

John Tarnai Memorial Scholarship Fund donations are tax deductible, AASRO achieves 501(c)(3) status

Your donations to the John Tarnai Scholarship Fund are tax deductible! The Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO) is pleased to announce it has received 501(c)(3) status and is now fully recognized and approved by the IRS as a tax exempt nonprofit organization. Donations made to AASRO and AASRO awards are officially tax deductible.

The Tarnai award offers the opportunity for academic survey center staff new to the field, young professionals, or early career to experience first-hand the training, engagement, and development that comes from participating in professional survey conferences.  This award acknowledges Tarnai’s dedication and passion towards mentoring and developing the next generation of survey researchers. John had a strong belief that exposing staff to the methodological challenges, the career opportunities, the professional community, and the importance of collective problem solving would help them better understand and be more prepared for the rapidly evolving environment of conducting surveys.

Tarnai was long time director and a senior researcher of the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University. John devoted years of service towards supporting academic survey research. He was a long time active member and professional contributor to AAPOR and IFD&TC. He was one of the founding members of AASRO. We celebrate his memory and gracious service by offering this award.

AASRO invites you to celebrate with us by contributing to the John Tarnai Scholarship Fund. 

Anyone wishing to contribute to the John Tarnai Memorial Scholarship Fund may send their donations to AASRO c/o Stephanie Kane, AASRO Treasurer, P.O. Box 3856.  For more details about making donations, Stephanie can be reached at slkane@wsu.edu or at (509) 335-0085.


Findings from AASRO's 2010 Membership Survey Available

A summary of the findings from AASRO's 2010 Survey of member organizations is now available here. Findings from the 2011 and 2012 membership surveys will also become available in the near future.